Scammers claim to be IRS agents in phone scheme -

Scammers claim to be IRS agents in phone scheme

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- Town and County Police warned the public Wednesday about a scam where the suspect claims to be an Internal Revenue Service agent, but the scam has also reached victims in Jefferson County.

Secil Schodroski received an early morning call from a man who claimed to be from the IRS and told Schodroski she owed them a lot of money.

"He was pretty threatening, he said I was going to go to jail for three years. I said, 'Sir, I have children, we need to discuss this,' and he said 'Oh, we'll have child services come and take your kids,'" Schodroski said.

However, Schodroski's momentary fear over her future faded and she realized the situation could not be real once the man on the phone asked for her to put almost six thousand dollars on a prepaid debit card and pay over the phone.

The real IRS told News 4's Matt Sczesny the scam has been floating around for a year now, but the Internal Revenue Service never calls customers or pressures them to pay over the phone, but sends letters and bills through the mail.

The IRS also warns that scammers are trying the same scheme through email.


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