(KMOV.com) – Authorities are investigating after finding a woman’s body in a farmhouse near Elsberry Wednesday night.

Police said the body was found around 10:30 p.m. in a home on Goodwood Trail near Highway 79. Records indicate the house sits on land that belongs to the Champ family. The family leases out part of the 1200 acre spread for cattle ranching and also rents out homes that sit on the property.

The Mayor of Elsberry said an incident such as this has not occurred in many years.

“Haven’t had any of these crimes for a long time. Especially something like this, normally a quiet little community that doesn’t have these kind of problems,” said Terry Martin. “Traffic violations, city code ordinances, high grass, we do have some drugs in town we’d like to get cleaned up.”

The last homicide near Elsberry occurred in 1996, when the body of a woman from north St. Louis County was discovered in a clubhouse near the Mississippi River.

St. Louis County will conduct an autopsy on the woman.

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