Photographer subject of more accusations of not delivering promi -

Photographer subject of more accusations of not delivering promised photos

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( - More complaints are coming in from parents who ordered bay pictures from a local photographer but are still waiting for the products they paid for months later.

Chris Perkins is the latest father trying to get answers from Ed Faller of Faller Photography. He described trying to get in touch with Faller as “a pain in the butt.”

In November, News 4 went undercover and discovered Faller is a likeable guy. However, parents said they paid for photos they never received, and couldn't get a hold of Faller.

 News 4 sent a producer to set up a photo shoot, and News 4’s Chris Nagus went along to get answers. When asked about the missing orders, Faller responded with “the whole story about my business is not being told, it is being judged by the last 8 or 9 months.”

Faller later promised to take care of problems and did so for some of the parents who spoke to News 4 in November.  However, after that story aired, News 4 was contacted by more parents with similar complaints, including Chris Perkins.

“I decided I was going to be a thorn in the guy’s side,” Perkins told News 4.

Perkins said he tried everything he could think of to get Faller’s attention, but he still hasn't received everything he paid for. Then he said received an email from Faller stating the business was closing down, and he was taking a new job working as a forensic photographer for an Illinois medical examiner’s office.

“Which seems really goofy to me because he is such a people person it is going to be really the opposite of what he's doing now” said Perkins.

Faller confirmed that job move with a News 4 producer, stated he's going to make good on all the orders, and will never walk away from any client.

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