After 2014 rejection, Wentzville School District has new approac -

After 2014 rejection, Wentzville School District has new approach to tax hike proposal

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. ( - The Wentzville School District will take a different approach in trying to convince voters to support a property tax hike in 2015 than it did in 2014.

In November, 2014, voters rejected a proposal that would have increased property taxes by $.35 for every $100 assessed.  The new proposal would call for a $.25 increase. A home worth $200,000 would see property taxes rise by $95. Supporters said the ballot language in 2014 was somewhat confusing, but believe the language on the new ballot measure will be more straight forward.

“The language itself is easier to understand which is important when you have more people coming to the ballot that aren’t familiar with the issue,” said district parent Elizabeth McGowan.

District officials and those who support the proposal said overcrowding has become a problem. Officials said the new money would be used to expand Liberty High School, add classrooms to Holt High School, update classrooms at the middle school, add classrooms at three other schools, and build a new elementary school.

“We need this money to build new schools and we needed it yesterday,” said parent Maggie Harr.

The district’s superintendent said new money is needed to keep up with future growth.

“We also want to be able to acquire some land, we know we are going to be a growing district for the next decade and we want to be proactive instead of reacting to district growth,” said Dr. Curtis Cain.

The failed proposition needed 57 voting in favor to pass. The new ballot measure will only require a simple majority.

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