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Female-led businesses getting investments to start in St. Louis

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) - Six new businesses, all lead by women, are setting up shop in St. Louis as part of the Prosper Women Entrepreneurs program to promote female-led startups. 

Evelyne White owner of the website Bookalokal, received a $50,000 investment as part of the program. Along with the grant, White gets a space to work, accounting services, public relations help and a mentorship with other business leaders. 

"Our goal with this is to identify the top great entrepreneurs of our applicants," said Mary Jo Gorman of the Prosper program. "Then we are attracting some top people from out of town, which is great." 

In all, six companies have won Prosper grants. Half of those companies are from outside the region, coming from California and New York to start the mentorship program this week. 

With some of the companies agreeing to move to St. Louis or set up an office in St. Louis there' was a question of whether the events of Ferguson caused any hesitation, but the Prosper program received more than 200 serious applications since last summer, and say no one turned down a chance to come participate. 


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