New Mo. bill would limit paid administrative leave for many publ -

New Mo. bill would limit paid administrative leave for many public employees

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( – A Mo. State Representative from Arnold wants to limit the amount of time some public employees can be on paid administrative leave.

Rep. Rob Vescovo said he decided to introduce the measure after recent controversies in the Fox School District. Former Fox Superintendent Dianne Critchlow and other district employees were put on administrative leave after it was discovered they made disparaging remarks on online. Critchlow continued to collect her regular $260,000 salary while she was on leave for several weeks.

“In the private sector, we wouldn’t be allowed to put employees on paid administrative leave it wouldn’t be fiscally responsible for our own business,” Vescovo said.

Vescovo’s bill would limit such leave to 15 days. Vescovo believe that amount of time is enough to complete an investigation and save taxpayer money. Many taxpayers told News 4 they agree.

The proposed law would not only apply to educators but to state and city employees, and police officers. Although, it would only apply to officers put on paid leave over suspicion of misconduct.

The bill could run into problems because other laws already lay down procedures for accusing teachers and administrators of wrongdoing.

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