Air conditioning units stolen from North St. Louis church -

Air conditioning units stolen from North St. Louis church

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (  - A North St. Louis church is out thousands of dollars after thieves stole a pricey air conditioning unit from the church. 

Star Bethel Baptist Church had a new A/C unit installed a few months ago, but discovered over the weekend that the chains on the unit were cut and that two units were gone. 

The team at Star Bethel Church in North St. Louis says they bolted, chained and fenced in the air conditioning units on the side of their building at North Jefferson and Palm, but even that didn't stop crooks from taking the units and all of the wiring in the middle of the night. 

"It looks like they used bolt cutters," said Angie Woods, the Church Administrator at Star Bethel Church. " These are big units. They had to have had a truck to take them away."

Woods says the theft will cost the church upwards of $25,000. 

So far, police don't have any leads on who may have stolen the air conditioners.

Church officials say they are going to take even more security steps this time around and hope that investment pays off. 

Woods says they have filed a claim with their insurance company and are hoping that because they had taken steps to prevent the theft, they will be reimbursed and have new units by the spring. 


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