Boy, 14, rushed to hospital after falling into frozen lake -

Boy, 14, rushed to hospital after falling into frozen lake

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS ( – A 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital Monday after falling into Lake Sainte Louise, a small lake next to Lake St. Louis. 

Three 14-year-old boys were on the lake, near the 100 block of Cognac, when one of them fell into it around 11:00 a.m. A sibling saw the boys and called 911.

According to a witness, an adult nearby told the boys to get off the ice, and as the boys ran across the frozen lake ice cracked and all three fell in. 

Two of the boys were pulled from the icy water, but the third teenager slipped under and was completely submerged. 

After several minutes of searching, firefighters who had been trained in ice rescue, found the boy.  

"We had two officers that crawled out to about the second break in the ice and were able to throw a rope to where they were in the further break in the ice," said Capt. Chris DiGiuseppi of the Lake St. Louis Police. 

According to police, the boy was under water for about 10 minutes.

The boy was taken to St. Joseph West Hospital in Lake St. Louis, just two miles away and later flown to a hospital in St. Louis. Officials say the boy's vital signs improved throughout the day.

Police departments and fire crews around the St. Louis area have been warning about the dangers of thin ice and telling people to stay off frozen ponds and lakes. 

"It's hazardous and we continually try and warn people not to go out on the lake," said DiGiuseppi. "You just don't know when that's going to thaw." 

The boy's condition is currently unknown. 

Police say no parents were present when the incident occurred. 

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