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Purring engine' takes on new meaning for visiting motorist

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

CHANDLER, AZ (CBS5) - Having a purring engine took on new meaning for one motorist recently.

Two kittens trapped in a car's engine compartment endured a five-hour car ride across three states before they were rescued at a Phoenix-area dealership.

The feline hitchhikers climbed aboard in El Paso, TX, and nestled in the firewall area just under the cowling on the passenger's side, according to Dave McHone, parts of service director at Earnhardt AutoCenters in Chandler.

The motorist began her journey and heard them "meowing like crazy," McHone said.

She exited the freeway and pulled into a gas station, where the kittens were discovered with the help of an attendant.

"She then immediately drove here so we could get them out," McHone said.

The long-distance travelers already have a new home.  A sales lady at Earnhardt's adopted them.

"Absolutely amazing they were tucked in there for a 5 hour ride from El Paso and came out safe," McHone said.

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