Thief posing as customer steals cash registers from U. City busi -

Thief posing as customer steals cash registers from U. City businesses

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Police believe a man has been taking cash registers from businesses in University City.

The suspect allegedly stole a cash register from Rizzo’s Fresh Market on Olive. The owner Mark Grinberg, said he was in the back of the store when someone up front grabbed the register and left.

“Around $150-160 was taken. It was change. Like dollars, fives, and change. It’s not big money, but its money,” Grinberg said.

Police said the suspect stole from Rizzo’s Fresh Market on January 8, J&W Bakery January 12, and Universal Gifts and Furniture on January 15. All of the businesses are located on Olive. The bakery’s register was later recovered in the business’ parking lot.

Police also believe he tried to rob some businesses unsuccessfully. The owner of Haigler’s Pet Grooming said he walked into the establishment, which does not have a cash register.

“He went to the alterations place first. Then came here,” said Wendy Smith with Haigler’s Pet Grooming. “Having somebody come in that doesn’t look like that would be wanting a grooming job or bathing job.”

University Police said they have targeted patrols near where the thefts occurred.

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