Circuit Attorney's Office looking at unique ways to combat gun crime -

Circuit Attorney's Office looking at unique ways to combat gun crime

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The Circuity Attorney's Office has sent a team to New York City to take a closer look at how prosecutors there are handling gun cases. 

The team will also go to Kansas City, where the lowest number of killings were recorded since 1972. 

"This is really unprecedented," said Beth Orwick. "The city I believe in is in a crisis. The city's on fire. We need to pay attention." 

Orwick supervises those who handle felony cases in the Circuit Attorney's Office. She agrees that it seems criminals are becoming more brazen and says the community needs to step up to help put down the increase in gun violence. 

We need the community to really come together during this moment," said Orwick. "We need you all to pay attention and help us. If you know something, call police. If you know something, call CrimeStoppers. We can not do it  without the help of the people who live in the city."

While some are pushing for lawmakers in Jefferson City to pass stricter gun control laws, Orwick says the prosecutor is not waiting. 

A program that's proven successful in New York is aggressively going after conspiracy prosecutions, such as those in which witnesses deny seeing a crime, but later posts details of the crime to social media or through text. 

The prosecutor is also pushing the courts for higher bonds for those facing charges involving guns. 

Orwick says it's a way to interrupt the cycle of violence that too many people are caught up in. 

"We believe when people are taken away from their neighborhood with that higher bond," said Orwick. "We believe they are taken away from the people that are driving them to commit crimes as well. We think it can interrupt the cycle."

Orwick also says gun users three alternatives are prison, the hopsital or the graveyard, and they need to realize that. 

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