Thieves target telephone lines to steal copper -

Thieves target telephone lines to steal copper

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( - Telephone lines are now becoming a popular target for thieves who turn and sell the copper wiring for scrap.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday morning along 54th St in Washington Park, Ill. where as much as 250 feet of wire was ripped down knocking out phone service along the block for most of the day. Surveillance video captured a thief in the act.

“You can look at the line and see it was cut, cut in several places,” said homeowner Austin Isom. “The copper wire inside is gone

On Monday, thieves took phone wires off utility poles just a block away. 

 A spokesperson for AT&T says there have been close to three dozen wire thefts from poles in the last 8 months in the Metro East.

The utility is also offering a $10,000 reward for information leading the arrest and conviction of the thieves.


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