Surveillance video captures suspects as they rob Cahokia grocery -

Surveillance video captures suspects as they rob Cahokia grocery store

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CAHOKIA, Ill. ( – Police are searching for four men who robbed a Shop ‘n Save location in Cahokia Sunday.

Surveillance video captured four men dressed in black, wearing masks, and armed with handguns; one suspect was armed with an assault rifle. Police said the men went inside the store and took a large amount of money before fleeing the scene.

One area resident said police should have released information about the robbery sooner.

“Even on Facebook, nobody knows about this. I don’t understand why they are keeping this hush-hush,” said Michael Pickett, who lives nearby. “This is the stuff that we need to know about. It happens in our neighborhood. We have to protect ourselves too if they are coming in here with masks. What’s going to keep them from coming in our house that way?”

In December, three masked men barged into the Alps Grocery store and held employees at gunpoint.

“I don’t’ think it’s a trend, I hope not. It’s not something that’s common for Cahokia or happened in the past live other communities,” said Lt. Dennis Plew with Cahokia Police. “We’ve had our problems but nothing to this extent.”

Shop ‘n Save said it is increasing security at the store as a result of the robbery. In a statement, the company said:

“The safety of our customers and associates is out top priority at Shop ‘n Save and we’ve increased security measures following Sunday’s incident.”

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