South City crime spike has residents calling for more patrols -

South City crime spike has residents calling for more patrols

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

ST. LOUIS, Mo.( -- Two crimes in South City have residents concerned about the sudden surge of violence in Tower Grove South. 

Two armed robberies, one day apart and just a mile and a half from one another, have police increasing patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

"We've been seeing crimes like this happen across our ward," said Megan Green, Alderwoman of the 15th Ward. "We need to start to look at some of the strategies that other cities have used to combat these types of crime so we can reduce them across the city."

Tower Grove South closed out 2014 with a lower total crime rate than it had in 2013, but robberies spiked in the area by 17 percent. 

Residents and patrons in the area say they hope to see a change in policing tactics before businesses start to feel the effect. 

"It'd be nice if we had more beefed-up police, a larger police force rather than doing hot spot patrols, which is good, but we've gotta have more," said South St. Louis resident Rich Egenriether. 

Egenriether may be getting what he asked for, as Green says she has spoken with neighborhood officers, who claim they will be increasing patrols. 

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