Pizza delivery driver robbed near south St. Louis apartment -

Pizza delivery driver robbed near south St. Louis apartment

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A Papa John’s delivery driver said he was robbed by two men after he delivered pizza in south St. Louis Monday night.

Ron Granberg said he was robbed while walking back to his car after delivering pizza to an apartment near the intersection of California and Pestalozzi. He said an armed man approached him from the front and another man came up from behind, demanding he give them his money or his wallet, or they would shoot him.

“The gunman told me ‘don’t move,” Granberg said. “He told the other suspect, “if he moves, I’m going to shoot him.’ He said it twice.”

Granberg said the two got away with $50 before driving away in a white pick-up truck, which he then chased for about four minutes. Granberg said he called 911 during the chase, informing the dispatcher of the suspects’ every move. He said he stopped chasing them when they sideswiped a car because he believed it was too dangerous to continue the pursuit. Authorities said they recovered the culprits’ truck Tuesday afternoon on Minnesota Avenue.

Granberg said police recovered his wallet. He hopes police increase patrols in bad neighborhoods to crack down on such crimes.

Delivery drivers have been the victim of multiple crimes lately.  In November a delivery driver for a Chinese restaurant was robbed in the 1800 block of Russell. Last week, a pizza delivery driver was robbed in North County.

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