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Woman has jewelry stolen, has to buy it if she wants it back

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(KMOV.com) – A St. Ann woman found out she has to buy jewelry taken from her home, rather than retrieve for free, after the stolen items ended up at a gold and silver coin store.

A burglar took two necklaces and other jewelry worth $4,000 from Linda Pruden’s home. Officers said the stolen items eventually made their way to Scotsman Coin and Jewelry in Creve Coeur. The shop melted down one necklace. She later found out she would have to buy the intact necklace if she wanted it back. The shop was charging around $200.

St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jiminez said the coin shop did nothing wrong.

“If it’s a place that buys and sells gold and silver, they do not have to give it back to you. If it’s a pawn shop, then they have to return it to you,” Jiminez said.

Jiminez said he thinks changes to law may be necessary.

“They should have something for their insurance policy or some kind of state or federal law to where they can write that off on their taxes,” Jiminez said.

The suspect in the burglary has been arrested and is facing charges. Pruden has an insurance policy and was reimbursed for the stolen jewelry.

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