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High levels of carbon monoxide shuts off gas at Penrose Apartments

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

(KMOV.com) – City officials, accompanied by the fire department and Salvation Army, came to the rescue of the residents of the Penrose Apartments after it was discovered they were living with the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and no running water.  

“They came to my building today and knocked on the door and asked to check to make sure we were safe from carbon monoxide,” said one resident. “When they checked, it was sky high.”

Officials shut off the gas at the Penrose Apartments in north St. Louis after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected and were able to help transport residents to a local shelter.

“It looked like maybe we could keep it going and keep it open for people to live in,” said Human Resources Director Eddie Roth. “But there was vandalism Friday afternoon where people tore out water lines that really made it an impossible situation."

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Roth also said Laclede Gas also turned off services because people were forced to heat their apartments using ovens.

“I’m happy they came out here, but they are not helping us do anything. At least we did have a roof over our head. We were warm, but now we can’t even be warm,” said one resident.

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