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Springfield council considers 'trolley bike' business

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) -- People who want a leisurely bike ride through Springfield while partying with their friends might someday be able to hop on a "trolley bike."
Two entrepreneurs are asking the city for permission to bring the motorized and pedal-powered vehicle to downtown Springfield and other entertainment areas. The trolley would allow up to 10 people to pedal, which helps charge the battery, while six more passengers sit on a bench in the back. Another person, who would remain sober, would drive the vehicle.
Brian Ash and Robert DeVore discussed the proposal Wednesday with a city council committee, which said city officials first have to consider any potential licensing and traffic issues that could come from what Police Chief Paul Williams called "12 drunks on a bike," The Springfield News-Leader reported (http://sgfnow.co/1BL0yL8 ).
"We think it would be a good thing for Springfield," Ash said. "We think it would be really fun, but we want to do this by the book."
Committee members briefly discussed some of the many questions raised by the proposal, including whether certain driver's licenses or business licenses would be necessary, how alcohol would be restricted and where the vehicles would be allowed.
Ash and DeVore said they planned to require drivers to have only a normal license and good driving record but they would be open to requiring additional licensing if it was necessary. Drivers of vehicles designed to carry 16 or more people in Missouri must have a commercial driver's license.
They would not provide alcohol on the trolley and would not allow patrons to take drinks off or bring additional drinks on the vehicle. The group would meet at a scheduled time and travel on the trolley for a specific amount of time, usually two hours. There would be stops along the way but no new people could get on the trolley.
"Just imagine a cooler," DeVore said. "There would be space in the middle for a party to place a cooler."

Ash said an average price to rent the trolley for two hours would be about $250, with less during the week and more on the weekends. 

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