Thieves break into cars, steal five-year-old's wallet -

Thieves break into cars, steal five-year-old's wallet

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

LAFAYETTE SQUARE, Mo ( – Thieves who broke into six cars at PW Pizza and Vin De Set on Friday stole various items like money and sunglasses, but one woman says the thieves stole something priceless: Her five-year-old son’s wallet that was given to him by his grandfather who just passed away.

“It was our first night out since my father-in-law passed,” said Tricia Stuart, the mother of the boy. “It’s small. It’s not anything of great value. They probably tossed it off to the side, but to him, it’s really precious.”

Both of the businesses have surveillance cameras and police are investigating the break-ins which happened between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

“As adults, we know things are just things, but for a five year old to be able to hold something that reminds him of his grandpa is worth trying to get back,” Stuart said. “AS a mom with a kid who is experiencing pain for the first time, you know it’s worth it to me to at least try [to find it].”

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