Contractor leaves gaping holes in 76-year-old veterans home -

Contractor leaves gaping holes in 76-year-old veterans home

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

( – A 76-year-old Air Force Veteran says she paid a local contractor to repair her roof, gutters, and replace several windows, but the contractor never installed new windows, leaving her home windowless.

“I’m waiting for everything to be completed,” said 76-year-old Deloris McCrea. “It’s bone-chilling cold out here.”

McCrea says she hired a contractor named Fred Lewis of GBL Development to repair her home. Lewis and a crew took out her windows back in November, but never installed new ones. “I’ve kept calling him every week since November 11, and he just won’t return my calls.”

McCrea has had to borrow several thousand dollars to get the work done, and now says she doesn’t have the money to finish the job unless Lewis returns. McCrea says she was repairing the home to provide extra bedrooms to women veterans who are in need of transitional housing. Tarps are currently covering the holes where the windows once were.

Not only is she concerned about the cold, but she’s worried about her safety, but McCrea says it’s her home and she isn’t leaving.

When asked if she has a message for Lewis, McCrea said, “Please call me. Please come back and see me. Come back and see me. You came and saw me when you got the money for the check. Come and see me now.”

News 4 called Lewis, but Lewis has not returned our calls. 

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