How crime was reduced at problem apartment complex in Spanish La -

How crime was reduced at problem apartment complex in Spanish Lake

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( – The new owners of the Spanish Cove Town Homes said they used a simple strategy to reduce crime at the complex.

Police said they used to receive around 60 calls a month from the complex, which was previously known as the Countryside Apartments. Now, police said they only receive around 5 calls per month.

“Everything from murders to robberies to burglaries, auto thefts. I mean, you name it,” said Lt. Col. Troy Doyle with St. Louis County Police.

Some residents said they didn’t feel safe.

“I know the first summer we probably called the police about three to four times because we heard gun shots, and would just keep my kids upstairs in my room,” said resident Alecia Ware.

New owners of the complex decided they would clean things up.

“This place was trashed,” said Travis Steffens with Spanish Cove Townhomes.

The new owners began making changes such as tagging illegally parked cars, putting in security cameras, kicking out bad tenants, and making renovations. A security guard and gate will soon be added at the property’s entrance.

“The very first thing I that I had everybody do was come in and we bought 40 rakes, hand rakes. Instead of hiring a big company to come in and rake, all of staff of the property hand raked all 40 acres,” Steffens said.

Ware said she feels safer.

“It does make a difference because it’s more appealing. Make people really want to stop by,” Ware said.

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