How to work with police during a traffic stop -

How to work with police during a traffic stop

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( – Police officers say the two best things someone can do during a traffic stop is to be honest with the officer and to keep your hands where they can see them.

“Honesty goes a long way if you are honest,” said Illinois State Trooper Calvin Dye Jr. “Depending on what offense you committed, the officer will show you leniency if at all possible.”

Dye also says that any veteran officer will tell the driver that honesty and attitude will go a long way. “We’re so accustomed to being lied to about individual’s name or how fast they were going.”

However, if you’re pulled over while driving at night, Dye recommends that drivers ask the officer various questions in order to make sure that the person who pulled them over is actually an officer and not someone impersonating an officer.

“[Ask] ‘Can I see your identification?’ ‘What police department do you work for?’ ‘How long have you been on the force?’ If you have any questions at all, dial 911 and let the dispatcher know you feel as if you’re being stopped by somebody pretending to be a police officer,” Dye said.

According to Dye, a real police officer will not be upset if you ask those questions.

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