Cold temps cause flooding, damage at north St. Louis County apar -

Cold temps cause flooding, damage at north St. Louis County apartment complex

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – A massive water pipe burst at an apartment complex in north St. Louis County to burst, flooding apartments below and causing one family to be temporarily homeless.

The pipe, which is located in a vacant apartment bust and flooded an apartment occupied by a mother and daughter that both in wheelchairs. The incident occurred around 7:00 p.m. Thursday at the Riverview Park Place Apartments.

“In bed when this bubble busted on her, it just popped all dirty gray water on my mom,” said resident Jessica Dudley. “They said they would put us in a vacant apartment tonight, we can’t stay on the floor, we can’t stay in a vacant apartment. Where is my family supposed to go?”

Dudley called her landlord, but the landlord did not answer. The owner of the complex told News 4 maintenance has fixed the pipe and is working to clean the mess, but said the carpets will not start drying out until at least Friday.

The Red Cross said it is working with the family to find them a place to stay even though it normally would not do so for an event such as a busted pipe.

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