Berkeley mayor accused of discriminating against immigrants -

Berkeley mayor accused of discriminating against immigrants

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( – Berkeley Mayor Ted Hoskins is being accused of housing discrimination because he refused to grant an occupancy permit to an undocumented family.

Cell phone video captured a conversation between Hoskins and immigrant activists.

“Until you show us citizenship, don’t come back here applying for an applicaton for an occupancy permit and you can take it all the way to wherever you want to take it,” Hoskins said on the video. “We’re going to go down there and see if anybody living in your houses are not citizens.”

The Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates believe Hoskins is violating federal law. The group has filed a federal complaint.

“It was a little disconcerting to see that from an elected official, it’s not something we expected,” said David Nehrt-Flores with Missouri immigrant and Refugee Advocates. “This is something we’re seeing, a process used to discriminate against others in their community and it’s something we take strong issue with.”

Hoskins told News 4 he believes he did the right thing.


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