Parents concerned about heating inside north St. Louis elementar -

Parents concerned about heating inside north St. Louis elementary school

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( – Some parents of students who attend Jefferson Elementary in north St. Louis told News 4 their children attended school in cold classrooms Thursday.

Several parents said the school did not have heat, but Patrick Wallace with the St. Louis Public Schools said the heat was working, but the building was not as warm as usual. Wallace said a faulty fan prevented heat from distributing evenly throughout the building.

Wallace told News 4 the district does not have a specific temperature that would be considered too cold for school to be held.

“We don’t go around with thermometers measuring. We do it manually, what would be comfortable for you or me. We wouldn’t have kids sitting in a classroom in a coat,” Wallace said.

Earlier in the school year, students from Carver and Dunbar Elementary Schools were transferred to another building after a power outage and students at Northwest Academy were dismissed after a boiler problem that caused the building to be too cold.

The district’s buildings are, on average, 70-75 years old, which can present a problem for heating.

The district also said it has a supply of donated coats, hats, gloves, and other items for students who walk to school, but come from families who can’t afford winter weather. Parents of these children can contact their child’s school for more information. 

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