Mothers March for Justice heads to Jefferson City -

Mothers March for Justice heads to Jefferson City

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By Ryan Storz By Ryan Storz

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A St. Louis group hit the pavement Wednesday demanding a change in policies and procedures at the state capitol. 

The group,lead by three female pastors and one professor, loaded three bus and several cars on a  caravan to Jefferson City. 

Together, the group of mostly mothers, are fighting for an increase of minimum wage, an expansion of Medicaid and new laws for police bruatlity. 

"What's happening in Ferguson is not just Ferguson, it's our entire state and we're tired of people not having what they need to have a quality of life," says organizer Traci Blackmon. "We've sent people to Jefferson City to work on behalf of the people."

Mothers March for Justice has three more trips planned to Jefferson City this year in order to get their message across to those at the state capitol.  

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