Rockwood officials plan to prevent cold weather bus issues -

Rockwood officials plan to prevent cold weather bus issues

WILDWOOD, Mo. ( -- Last winter, Rockwood School District faced school bus issues when cold weather prevented the buses from starting and necessitated last minute school closures.

The district used to let the buses run overnight to keep them warm, even bringing in extra generators to keep the batteries from dying. This school year, however, the district invested in an option that will allow them to skip all of the hassle and cost-prohibitive practices of last year.

"We have an obligation to have school," said Rockwood School District Superintendent Eric Knost, who began his position in the summer of 2014. "We also have an obligation to keep kids safe."

During the winter of last school year, Rockwood had to make a last minute decision to cancel classes when frozen fuel pumps and icy engine blocks prevented dozens of school buses from starting.

"We've had some modifications now that actually allow us now to plug our buses in and to keep the engines warm," Knost said. "The heaters were always there, but the ability to plug them in, our facility didn't accommodate that. So we made adjustments to allow that to happen."

Knost said that in addition to the new engine warmers, staff will be in early to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

"We'll continue to monitor to see if things change, but we feel with appropriate precautions and preparations that the kids will be able to attend tomorrow," Knost said.

For now, classes for Wednesday are scheduled to continue as scheduled. The district will also use social media to update parents.


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