Violence sparks more safety patrols north of downtown -

Violence sparks more safety patrols north of downtown

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A larger presence of police officers will soon be seen just north of downtown St. Louis following a recent increase in violent crime.

“Violence, larceny, assaults, assaults with weapons,” said Lieutenant Shawn Dace on the type of crime recently seen in the area.

Prior to last week’s violence, thirty officers, including one commander and four supervisors, patrolled four public housing complexes as part of the St. Louis Housing Authority Unit.

Dace, who commands the unit, said they will now patrol a fifth unit, the Preservation Square Apartment Complex. The new patrols will be added between O’Fallon and Cass and Hogan and 14th Streets.

“Last week, prior to us taking over, they had two shootings,” Lt. Dace said. “One on Hogan, another on Cochran Place.”

The new patrols began in response to the increase in violent crime on January First.

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