Belleville man charged with sexual abuse, giving liquor to a min -

Belleville man charged with sexual abuse, giving liquor to a minor

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By Shawn Campbell By Shawn Campbell

BELLEVILLE, Il. ( - A Belleville man has been charged with criminal sexual abuse, attempted criminal sexual abuse, and giving liquor to a minor after officer's entered his home in fear that a 15 year-old male was in danger at the residence. 

Police say the victim went missing for a few hours on Saturday and that relatives spotted the young man's bike outside of another home. 

That home belonged to Loren D. McDuffee, 52, who was arrested after officers found him and the juvenile in bed together at the home. There was evidence of sexual activity between the suspect and the victim, and the juvenile appeared to be highly intoxicated, according to police.

The victim was transported to a Belleville Hospital and eventually transferred to St. Louis Children's Hospital before being released. 

Parents in the area are urged to speak with their children if they have had any interaction with McDuffee. If a child indicates that they are a victim, contact the Belleville Police at 618-234-1212. 

An investigation is ongoing, and forensic evidence is being processed. 

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