University City school board says no to Normandy student transfe -

University City school board says no to Normandy student transfers

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV) – The University City School Board voted to not allow student transfers for the upcoming school year.  It delivered another blow to Normandy students who transferred to better districts last year under Missouri’s student transfer law.

The board’s vote closed the door on just more than 80 Normandy transfer students. Last week, the Francis Howell School District told roughly 300 Normandy students they wouldn’t be welcomed back.

The wheels powering the decisions were set in motion when the state board of education took over the Normandy school district.

The decision essentially cleared Normandy from Missouri’s student transfer law. Under state control, Normandy’s status changes from unaccredited to non-accredited, meaning districts like Francis Howell and University City aren’t required to accept Normandy transfers.

The law made it possible for students from unaccredited districts like Normandy and Riverview Gardens to transfer to better performing schools.

Those struggling districts had to pay tuition and transportation costs for transferring students. Lowering those costs was a proposed way to keep districts like Riverview Gardens from going under this year.


On Thursday, University City voted against lowering those costs. 

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