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EPA says Bridgeton Athletic Complex safe for public use

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – The EPA has released their findings of the radiation levels near the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex saying the facility is safe for public use.

“EPA’s analysis of data collected from more than 58,000 points across (the facility) suggests no levels of gamma radiation that would pose public health concerns for users,” said EPA Regional Administrator Karl Brooks. “This was a thorough scientific survey, coupled with meticulous review and quality control checks of the data.”

In order to test the levels of radiation compared to other areas, the EPA screened the nearby Koch and Blanchette parks. The test results came back comparable to those at the two other parks, deeming the BMAC safe.

The EPA testing comes after Bridgeton residents organized private tests that found high radiation levels in drainage areas near the ball fields. That caused a youth baseball tournament featuring nearly 100 teams to relocate elsewhere in St. Louis County in late April.

Cold War-era nuclear waste is buried at West Lake Landfill. The Uranium byproducts were dumped at the Bridgeton landfill in the 1970s.

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