Inmate at Metro East jail accused of throwing feces, urine at gu -

Inmate at Metro East jail accused of throwing feces, urine at guards

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( - A St. Clair County Jail inmate already charged with murder is now accused of attacking three correctional officers with his own bodily fluids.

Ronnie Gulley Jr., 22, is charged with four counts of aggravated battery against an officer.

St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson says Gully hung up a blanket inside his cell so that officers could not see him. Gully allegedly did not comply with officer’s request to take down the blanket, forcing the officers to enter the cell. Watson said when the officers entered, Gully threw a mixture of urine and feces at them. According to police, Gulley then punched a third officer in the face twice. 

Watson told News 4 the jail is overcrowded and is poorly configured, which he believes makes things difficult for guards.

“In order to visually inspect every 30 minutes, they have to walk these narrow hallways and these confrontations can happen,” Watson said. In a newer system, they have a pod where from a central location, you can inspect possibly hundreds of prisoners.”

Watson believes a new jail would prevent such a problem. He urged voters to support a measure that would have raised funds for a new facility, but it was voted down.

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