St. Louis County police to implement hot spot policing -

St. Louis County police to implement hot spot policing

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( – St. Louis County police told News 4 it will implementing hot spot policing in south St. Louis County.

Police said they are implementing extra officers in around Glasgow Village because of a spike in burglaries.

“Put our teams in the most likely area where they were striking, they’re down 30 percent at the moment and we’ve locked up numerous suspects for burglary,” said Sargent Dave Ryan with St. Louis County police.

The unit that is being dispatched to south St. Louis County was used to crack down on crime at an apartment complex in Spanish Lake.

“I think the chief realizes we’re servicing the whole country and created a team to serve south county residents as well as north county residents,” Ryan said.

Authorities said they will soon have two hot spot teams ready to respond to crime patterns.

“Them putting those hot spots out there for us is going to make our community safer, and I appreciate that,” said Glasgow Village resident Callie Johnson.

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