Family says St. Louis police slow to respond to hit-and-run wrec -

Family says St. Louis police slow to respond to hit-and-run wreck

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( - A day at the baseball game for a St. Louis family turns into a close encounter with an alleged drunk driver.

Julie Olivarri says she took her three kids to the Cardinals game June 18. After the game she was near the intersection of 7th and Cerre and said she was rear-ended by a red pick-up truck. She says that driver got out of his vehicle and was visibly intoxicated.

“When I saw he was drunk, I yelled to my daughter who was in the front seat to call 911,” said Olivarri. “That’s when he tried to get out of it as quick as he could.”

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According to Olivarri and witnesses, the truck sped away, hitting Olivarri’s SUV a second time. No one in the car needed immediate medical attention, but Olivarri says her family called police to get help and for police to get the drunk driver off the road. She say sher family called 911 three times.

“It was alarming to me honestly that it took one hour and 15 minutes to have an officer come over and get our statement,” said Olivarri.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson says he’s reviewed the case and says auto accidents without injuries reported are lower on the priority list. Police say the families' 911 calls were held until officers were able to clear baseball traffic.

“We look at calls on a case by case basis,” said Chief Sam Dotson. “She indicated he already left the scene, perhaps gave us a direction of travel. So he was not on the scene, she was not in danger, the accident already occurred and we responded to it.”

Dotson says the driver of the red truck is wanted for leaving the scene of an accident. 

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