Drivers: Malfunctioning light at busy Jefferson Co. intersection -

Drivers: Malfunctioning light at busy Jefferson Co. intersection causing wrecks

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( – Many drivers told News 4 a traffic light was not working at a busy intersection in Festus.

Drivers said a light at the intersection of Truman Boulevard and Highway 61 started blinking Thursday and was not working again until Monday. Stop signs were placed at the intersection at some point over the weekend. Drivers also said the malfunctioning lights were responsible for several accidents.

“There was a lady coming, another lady coming across and she t-boned, hit her and the one car went into the median and hit a police,” said Chip Compton who owns a nearby business. “I was wondering why the lights were still flashing, why nobody had actually fixed it.”

MoDOT told News 4 it was not aware the light was not working properly until 10:00 a.m. Saturday. Despite MoDOT’s claim, drivers told News 4 there were technicians working on the lights Thursday.

“I saw people working on them but it had not been fixed. They were flashing all weekend long,” Compton said.

MoDOT said it discovered faulty wiring in the connections to the bulbs when it finished repairing the light at 10:30 a.m. Monday. The agency said storms caused several other traffic lights go out, which spread crews very thin.

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