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Feldman: Cards enviable depth now an absolute necessity

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) -- Remember the good old days when we thought the Cardinals had a “problem” because they had too much talent, if there ever was such a thing.  Ya. Those were the days.

 Now, fans and media alike are getting a crystal clear reminder of just how volatile pitching can be with both Jaime Garcia and Michael Wacha headed to the disabled list.  No one knows how long they’ll be out.  But it could be a while.
If you take any – and I mean ANY – of the other 29 teams in baseball and you subtract the quality of starters from their team that the Cardinals just lost they’d all be doomed.  Every single last one of them.
But the Cardinals are not just any other team.  They have depth.  Enviable, ridiculously good depth.
How many other teams can slide someone like Carlos Martinez into their rotation upon losing someone?  The answer is no one because if they were lucky enough to have Martinez he’d be in their rotation in the first place.  They wouldn’t have the luxury of keeping him as a long reliever.
It’s not just him either.  Joe Kelly is close to returning to the big leagues.  This is the same Joe Kelly who owns a career 2.92 ERA in nearly 250 innings.  He isn’t exactly a slouch either.
Sure, it’s not a good thing the Cardinals lost two starting pitchers who were throwing extremely well.  It’s not a given Martinez and (eventually) Kelly will be able to do the same thing those guys did.
But they have a much better chance of doing well than another team’s 6th and 7th starters would.
Think of it like having money saved up.  If your basement starts to flood and you only have a few hundred bucks saved up, you’re in trouble.  But if you have tens of thousands in the bank, you’ll be just fine.  The Cardinals are rich under that analogy.  Money is not a problem when it comes to fixing their “basement” – aka starting rotation.
Just remember this scenario the next time the Cardinals go into a season with too many good players.  Someone always gets hurt.  Someone is always need to come in and help take their place.
It happens every year.  Be thankful as a Cardinals fan they have as much depth as they do.  It’s what will keep their season afloat and hopes intact of winning a World Series.

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