Ladies lust over suspect's 'sexy' mug shot on Facebook -

Ladies lust over suspect's 'sexy' mug shot on Facebook

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STOCKTON, CA (KPTV) - Ladies, meet Jeremy Meeks.

Ever since the Stockton (California) Police Department posted his mug shot on its Facebook page, this suspected criminal is getting a lot of love as women all over the world gush over his good looks.

"How much is his bail?" wrote one woman on the photo's Facebook comments.

"Probation/parole at my house," wrote another.

Meeks was one of four men arrested during a weapons sweep where four guns were seized earlier this week, according to FOX 40 in Sacramento. A recent uptick in crime led Stockton police to serve search warrants at 11 locations, and that's when they took Meeks into custody.

"I have handcuffs ;)" wrote one Facebook commenter.

"I volunteer for cell mate," said another.

"Is it illegal to be that sexy?" wrote one woman.

Meeks is facing felony weapons charges. His bail is set at $900,000, so better get to work on that Kickstarter fund.

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