SLU announces new experimental Anthrax treatment -

SLU announces new experimental Anthrax treatment

(KMOV) – SLU is looking for people to undergo testing for a new experimental vaccine for Anthrax which is different than what the U.S military uses.

Required Anthrax vaccinations is a controversial issue among members of the military community because of the side effects.

“The injective vaccine that is used in the U.S Military now has local reactions at the injection site,” said Dr. Geoffrey Gorse who is the principle investigator of the study at SLU.

SLU’s Center for Vaccine Development is just one of four facilities in the country studying a new oral vaccine which they say they hope will change the way it is perceived by members of the military.

I think whenever there is not a needle involved, an oral vaccine would be the preferable route,” Gorse said. “At this state in the testing phase one, this side effect profile seems to be better than what’s been seen in the injectable vaccine.”

The next step in the research is to compare immune responses from the current vaccine and the testing vaccine and how antibodies protect against Anthrax bacteria. The current vaccine does not protect a person after they have already been exposed.

The Center for Vaccine Development is looking for 20 people to participate in the study. For more information, click here

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