Belleville City Council to vote on additional security cameras -

Belleville City Council to vote on additional security cameras

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(KMOV) -- The Belleville City Council will decide Monday whether to add more surveillance cameras to city hall.

The proposal was made after a suspicious letter containing white powder was sent to the officer of Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert on April 7.

It was determined the powder was not Anthrax, as some may have suspected, but instead powdered sugar.

Police say King S. Burrow, 46, of East St. Louis, placed that letter in a drop box at city hall.  Burrow was issued a misdemeanor citation and is scheduled to appear in court next week.

The proposal calls for four additional cameras to be added to the security system at a cost of about $4,200.

"We added some of the first security cameras in 2008 after, unfortunately the city of Kirkwood experienced the terrible situation that happened at their city hall, so we added a few then but always knew that we probably should add a few more," said Eckert.

Eckert says he’s received between 12 and 24 threats in his nine years in office.

The most recent threat against Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert has led to a proposal for more surveillance at City Hall.

A letter sent to Mayor Eckert’s office April 7th was opened by one of his assistants and a white powder fell on a desk and her lap.

“We've gotten letters like this before, but this is the first time we've had a powdery substance spill out of them,” said Eckert.

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