St. Louis Police Department selling guns to raise money -

St. Louis Police Department selling guns to raise money

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( -  The St. Louis Police Department is selling 29 Thompson submachine guns that they are no longer using.

The guns, which were used in the 1920s, are worth between 15 and 40 thousand dollars each. Police said the department purchased each gun for around $100.

 “They are iconic in the department. We purchased these in 1922 and if they do leave its sad because it’s part of our history leaving,” said Sgt. Blake Tucker of the St. Louis Police Department.

 Chief Sam Dotson said he is ready to make a profit. It is estimated the collection will bring the department at least $750,000. Police said it is a creative way to make sure officers have what they need. With the money made from selling the guns, the department hopes to replace the guns officers use every day to keep city residents safe.

“We’re now in need of replacing the duty weapon, the side arm police carry every day,” Dotson said. “It’s nice to have all this historical inventory, but sitting in a vault does not do us any good.”

The guns will not be sold right away. Police said they are doing research to determine how they will be sold.

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