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Go Green: Recycling electronics to help those in need

(KMOV) – Christmas is a distant memory at this point, but for many, there are still electronics lying around that your Christmas presents replaced.

News 4’s Kristen Cornett has found an organization that will recycle your old electronics and give back to the community at the same time.

Many know WITS as an electronics recycler, but it turns out they do so much more.

Yes, they keep electronics and their toxins out of the landfills by recycling unusable materials, but they also refurbish materials so that computers can be put out into local low-income communities.

WITS accepts older and newer equipment in either working or non-working condition. Items donated are tax deductible.

All data is removed from reusable hard drives, and WITS asks that donators do not remove the hard drive as it may be needed.

Additionally, there is a small fee to recycle monitors, appliances and TVs. WITS will also accept all types of batteries, and will take your holiday lights through March.

For more information, visit www.witsinc.org.

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