Big Warm Up Around The Corner -

Big Warm Up Around The Corner

The bad news: It's still Winter, we're in a cold pattern averaging about 20 degrees below normal on our high temperatures and there's still a lot of snow/ice on the ground.

The Good News: A Thaw is coming.  A warmer pattern will develop Friday and really kick into gear this weekend and next week.

In the chart I've linked here, you'll see temperatures forecasted from Lambert from various forecast models.  Notice the progression of warmer temperatures this weekend and into next week.  40s to 50s are expected.  If a weak cold front that moves through on Sunday-Monday doesn't have much of an impact, it could be warmer those days too.

What does this mean?

-Lots of melting

-You might want to top off on the windshield wiper fluid

-You may be washing the car, either because there's no major rain/snow in the forecast after Wednesday Feb 9th or because the melt water makes your car dirty.

-A return to near/above normal (normal high is around 42 and by March 1st the normal is 50.)

-Watch for re-freeze some nights as temps. return below freezing after a day of melting.

-Enjoy it! A nice warm-up is well deserved after this cold Winter which is currently the 18th snowiest on record.









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