Running Low on Salt -

Running Low on Salt

     The city of Manchester's salt problem is really something that is being  felt in most cities. 

      Ths city of St Louis, MODOT and IDOT say their salt supplies should last till spring, but the other municipalities are not so sure.

      Manchester is down to just 300 tons after starting the winter with 2200 tons.  And they're now mixing the remaining salt with sand to make it stretch and spreading it only main roads.

       Manchester is part of a cooperative with other cities in buying salt by bulk and splitting  it up and even sharing it,  But lately, there's none for sale and no one has any to share.

      We found out that Creve Coeur recently asked St Louis for help but there was none, and St Louis did send some salt to University City two weeks ago.

      When St Louis bought its salt in July they paid 40 dollars a ton.  Now with demand at its peak, the price is over 100 dollars a ton.  The salt is mined in Louisiana and sent by barge here.

     Manchester is waiting on a 500 ton order, along with other cities in the cooperative, but no one knows when that shipment can be delivered.


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