Badly beaten woman tells 911 "He tied me up and I just got free" -

Badly beaten woman tells 911 "He tied me up and I just got free"

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV) -- A story of domestic violence so severe police say doctors are surprised the victim is alive.  The 47-year-old woman endured a night of torture.  Her boyfriend, 42-year-old Freddie Ross, is in jail, charged with attempted first degree murder.

News 4's Maggie Crane has more on the disturbing details of this brutal crime.

We now know that woman endured 10 hours of torture, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.  Police say Freddie Ross is certainly no stranger to the law.  He just got paroled after spending 18 years in a Michigan prison for attempted murder.

A woman breaks free from her attacker and runs to the neighbor's house to call police.

"She had blood all down her face, and her tee shirt was soaked in blood," her neighbor, who did not want to be identified, tells News 4.

Her account of what just happened is chilling.

"911, where's your emergency?" the dispatcher asks.

First, the neighbor is on the phone.  Then, the dispatcher asks to speak to the victim.  She describes what happened to her:

"I was laying in the bed asleep, ad he came in with a bat and he -- my head is busted.  I think my arm is broke.  He tied me up and I just got free."

Bloodied and beaten, the woman had been bound with duct tape and telephone wire -- a prisoner inside her own home, held hostage allegedly by her own boyfriend.

"He set up a baby monitor so he could monitor her," East Alton Police Sgt. Brian Archer says.  "He did different things, like come in and turn on the gas and say 'we'll just die together.'"

Freddie Ross is now charged with trying to kill her.  It was so bad, police say, he broke the bat over her head.  Police describe Ross as calculating and cold.

"He actually left to go to the store to get more tape to tie her down," Sgt. Archer says.

This all happened in the middle of the night.  It was after noon on Wednesday before she got free.

"She waited until he eventually passed out, succombed to the alcohol, and she got a hold of some scissors and freed herself," Sgt. Archer says.

Ross is locked up at the Madison County jail without bond.

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