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Missouri lawmakers called hypocritical for allowing smoking in House

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By Jacob Kuerth By Jacob Kuerth

(KMOV) – The Missouri state capitol fired back on a Fenton woman after she took lawmakers to task – challenging them about smoking in the state capitol.

The lawmakers are accused of being hypocrites because smoking is still allowed in the state capitol, even though lawmakers voted to ban it elsewhere.

Rossie Judd filed a formal complaint under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She carries an inhaler with her wherever she goes, and she says smoking allowed at the state capitol stops her from visiting because of chronic breathing problems.

But the House says there are plenty of non-smoking areas like hallways, rotundas and meeting rooms.

However, this is not the case for lawmakers’ offices, and the House refises to change.

Republican Rep. Darrell Pollack voted down the smoking ban. He does not smoke, but says it is a matter of personal choice.

For the first time in history, representatives voted as one -- unanimously passing the House rules. With it came a change to stop smoking in the House Lounge just behind the chamber.  Still -- not enough for some.


“There aren't republican lungs and democrat lungs. There are only human lungs, and all of us are in danger of second-hand smoke,” says Democratic Rep. Jeanette Mott-Oxford. “I think it's hypocritical for us to have rules for others that we don't put ourselves under.”

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