City recycling program leaves some residents in limbo -

City recycling program leaves some residents in limbo

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Some area residents are wondering why the recycling bins promised months ago through the city’s recycling program aren’t in place in their neighborhoods. And it’s making them think they’re paying for a service they aren’t receiving.

St. Louis City Director of Streets Todd Waelterman says that all city residents pay $11 per month for trash pickup, but that fee does not include recycling.

The money for the recycling program comes out of a separate city fund, and 21 out of the 28 city wards participate in this program.

However, of the communities that are recycling, about 25 percent of them haven’t gotten their bins yet. This is because when the program began last fall, more wards expressed interest in the program, causing a delay because more bins have to be manufactured.

The city has about 2,500 bins in place out of 3,400. All the bins should be in place by next month.

In the meantime, some residents are getting impatient. “I like to recycle. I think it's a good thing to do. Whereas I think more people would probably recycle if was easier to do,” says city resident Katie Storms.

But the city says it will take time. “I don't have fairy dust. I can't just wave a little dust and make blue bins pop up behind everybody's house. It takes manufacturing to build them. And it takes people to get them out there,” says Waelterman.

Some wards chose not to take part in the program because they’re using the funds to address illegal trash dumping. The city is also using rollout carts for recycling, and about half of the 10,000 carts are in place now.

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