Repetitive robocalls a nuisance to local residents -

Repetitive robocalls a nuisance to local residents

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – One local resident is upset after receiving automated calls from telemarketers despite being on the “No Call” list.

However, investigators say they can’t do anything despite the calls being illegal.

Tom Polityka says he wasn’t born yesterday, so when he got robocalls from “Rachel” at Cardholder Services offering better credit card interest rates, he followed the prompts to tell them he didn’t want to receive the calls anymore.

But the calls kept coming. Polityka then contacted the attorney general’s consumer hotline and was stunned to hear that there was pretty much nothing that could be done.

The attorney general’s office says that because robocallers use phony names and numbers and work nationwide, they are just about impossible to trace.

Anyone who receives calls from robocallers should hang up the phone and under no circumstances should anyone give out any personal information. Those called can also file a complaint with the attorney general’s office just in case the robocallers get caught.

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