Stray Rescue to receive $250,000 donated by city residents -

Stray Rescue to receive $250,000 donated by city residents

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - After months of bitter debate, St. Louis Aldermen have settled a question which should mean better handling of stray dogs, and hopefully safer streets for city residents. 

City aldermen have given the okay to give $250,000 to the group “Stray Rescue” to help the community with the stray dog problem. That money will now go to Stray Rescue to allow them to make improvements to their facility.

The group has been housing dogs in temporary pens since they got a big influx of animals after the mayor closed the city’s pound to the public. Stray Rescue will use the money to pay for permanent pens that are less stressful on the dogs. They will also be able to improve other areas of their facility.
The money that will go toward the rescue group doesn’t cost taxpayers anything. It was raised from donations that residents attached to their water, trash and personal property tax bills.

Stray rescue now has the responsibility of adopting out the strays picked up off the streets, and with the new money, it will be able to do that in a better equipped building.


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