Former FBI agent sentenced in missing money case -

Former FBI agent sentenced in missing money case

URBANA, Ill. (AP) -- A former Peoria-based FBI agent who pleaded guilty to making and using a false document related to money that disappeared during a drug case has been sentenced to five months in prison.

Following his prison term, Jerry W. Nau must serve five months of home confinement and was ordered Tuesday to pay back the missing money.

In his plea agreement, the 44-year-old Nau didn't admit to taking $43,643 seized during the investigation of a drug ring headed by Adrian Robinson, who received a life sentence last year.

Prosecutors contended that in July 2010, Nau created a false receipt showing the money had been placed into evidence. The receipt was signed by two people verifying the story.

The money was never found and the signatures were later determined to be forged.

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