YouTube video shows alleged gang member firing shots at college students -

YouTube video shows alleged gang member firing shots at college students

AUSTIN -- It's posted on YouTube for anyone to see, a 16-year-old firing shots into the road at two UT students in a fleeing car.

Police said the 16-year-old shooter and the driver of the car got into a fender bender and pulled into the Wendy’s on 7th and I-35 to exchange information.

But then the shooter, who police said is a member of the Bloods street gang, punched the other driver.

When the students tried to flee in their car, he shot at them.

David Todd works at the Chevron next to the Wendy’s. He said he hears fights and gunshots too often downtown.

“I feel safe here myself but other people that come in, they don’t feel that safe,” Todd said. “When everybody gets to drinking, it gets too crazy down here.”

Two years ago, that same Wendy’s was also in the spotlight after several people were knocked down by a car speeding away from the area after the people inside were attempting to get away from a nearby fight that involved a stabbing.

Earlier this week, an employee at a bar on East 6th Street drove into a crowd, hitting two people before an officer fired shots and stopped her.

The driver told police she was trying to get away from a mob attacking her car.

Todd said he just wants police to put a stop to these fights once and for all.

“As soon as the clubs shutdown the cops should come over here and run everybody off. That should eliminate a lot of the problems here,” Todd said.

Police said they found and arrested the 16-year-old a few hours after that incident.

Because he's a juvenile, they will not release his name but they said he is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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